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Optometrist serving Eagle, ID: Family Vision Care

Regular eye exams with your local optometrist are imperative for preserving your vision throughout your life. Board-Certified Optometrist, Dr. Blake Bingham opened Clear Eye Total Eye Care  as a way to monitor your ocular health whether you need a pediatric eye doctor or treatment for presbyopia. From his own experience, he understands juggling schedules and budgets for families. He will therefore always strive to keep a flexible schedule and affordable costs at his family eye care center. 

Vision Correction through Routine Eye Exams

An optometrist uses regularly scheduled Eye Exams as an essential part of maintaining healthy vision at any age. Every exam includes thorough testing of your vision and the overall health of your eyes. We catch and prevent serious eye problems for your entire family.
  • Clearing Blurred Vision Caused by Astigmatism Often blurry vision occurs either close up or far away, but astigmatism causes vision to be blurry at all distances. The good news is that it can most often be easily corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  • Considering Lasik?  Dr. Bingham will help you determine if Lasik Surgery is a good fit for you as an alternative to corrective lenses. He will then refer you to an ophthalmologist who will perform the procedure. Dr. Bingham will support you with Pre and Post-Operative Care.


After Your Exam:

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Our optician is always available after your exam to assist you with corrective lenses, insurance, and other payment options.
  • Ordering Contacts - A contact fitting can be added to any exam. Our optician will help you order the right contacts at the best price which includes navigating insurance coverage or in-house discounts. She is especially helpful to first-time contact wearers in teaching them how to hygienically care for and wear contact lenses.
  • Selecting Eye Glasses-  With a prescription in hand, you will be able to choose from our wide selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Our optician can counsel you to determine which designs best suit your features and lifestyle.
  • Insurance and Payment Options- It can be tricky to figure out what exactly your insurance covers for glasses, contacts, and eye care. Our optician will walk you through how to get the most out of your coverage. She also has a thorough understanding of our in-house discount and payment options for out-of-pocket payments.

From One of Our Patients

"Great first visit! Dr. Bingham broke the news that, for the first time, I need corrective lenses. Jessica walked me through my frame selection with some serious know-how. Looking forward to having crisp vision once again. A big thank you to the team at Clear Eye Total Eye Care!"
                                                -A H


Eye Care Specialist 

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Beyond standard vision correction are specialized ocular impairments that need extra monitoring and treatment. Some of these are included below:
  • Specialized Diabetic Eye Care is crucial as soon as possible after your original diabetes diagnosis. We want to manage symptoms and prevent degeneration due to diabetic retinopathy with an initial baseline appointment followed by rigidly scheduled annual eye exams.
  • Detect and Monitor Glaucoma by scheduling an eye exam today and discussing your risk factors with Dr. Bingham. He will recommend treatment and a follow-up schedule. Throughout the world, Glaucoma is a major cause of blindness, but if it is discovered early there are treatments to preserve your vision. 
  • Sight Preservation During Eye Disease is possible with specialized eye care. It is not uncommon to discover eye conditions during exams, but that doesn’t make them less scary. We never want to be in a situation in which we may lose one of our senses. Dr. Bingham will help alleviate the fear by discussing and providing treatment options to conserve your vision.
  • Navigating Presbyopia as we age is important because the elasticity in our eyes diminishes. An eye doctor can manage symptoms of presbyopia and help slow the decline of vision to preserve a wonderful quality of life well into our later years.

We offer walk-in or same-day appointments for pressing issues such as:


  • Non-Emergency Eye Injury can happen at any time. Head straight to Clear Eye Total Eye Care for a walk-in appointment for minor eye injuries like small scratches, a small foreign object, or irritation. For a severe injury, or if you are not sure, call 911 or go immediately to the ER.
  • Dramatic Difference in Vision warrants a call to 911 - especially in the case of obvious trauma or pain. For extra support please call Clear Care Total Eye Care even if you call on your way to the ER. Dr. Bingham will be happy to answer urgent questions and he welcomes walk-in appointments.

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Dr. Blake Bingham is currently accepting new patients and loves providing the best eye care services in Eagle, Idaho. Schedule an eye exam online or Call Clear Eye Total Eye Care today at (208) 629-8326.
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