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Eye Health Maintenance

MAINTAIN Eye Health with Optometrist Eye Care in Boise, ID

Routine eye care is how to maintain healthy eyes, especially if you need treatment for vision disorders. Dr. Bingham at Clear Eye Total Eye Care is an excellent resource as an eye specialist who helps diagnose and manage ocular diseases.
If you are concerned about your eyesight worsening or you have experienced
sudden symptoms like loss of vision, please call Clear Eye Total Eye Care at (208) 629-8326, schedule an eye appointment online, or even arrange a same-day or walk-in eye appointment. We’re ready to help you as soon as you need help.

Eye Exams to Diagnose Common Eye Conditions and Disorders

Dry Eyes / Dry Eye Syndrome
Dry eye syndrome treatment may include something as simple as eye drops or “artificial tears,” but can also involve assessing your tear ducts and glands. A good eye doctor can help with chronically dry eyes.
Macular Degeneration
The macula is the part of the retina that we use to see fine detail (like reading or recognizing faces). Macular degeneration (AMD) occurs when this important part of the retina degenerates. It is typically slowly progressive and is one of the most common causes of decreased vision in adults over 60. Dry AMD is primarily managed by diet, tobacco avoidance, and specialized vitamins. Dry AMD can eventually convert to wet AMD. Wet AMD requires more aggressive treatment, like injections into the eye. Wet AMD causes more sudden vision loss, so it is important for patients with dry AMD to keep up on regular eye exams so that treatment can be started at the earliest stages if dry AMD converts to wet AMD.
Glaucoma is a condition that damages the optic nerve, and you can read our full page on treating glaucoma to learn about diagnosis and treatment.
Cataracts, Including Pre- and Postoperative Care
Everyone has a lens that is positioned inside of the eye, directly behind the iris (the colored part of the eye). A cataract occurs when this lens becomes cloudy, which makes your vision blurry. Causes of cataracts include aging, genetics, some medical conditions, or eye injuries. If a cataract stays fairly mild, it can be managed with vision correction like prescription eyeglasses. If it worsens, you may need a cataract operation, in which case Dr. Bingham would work with an ophthalmologist who would perform the surgery, and then Dr. Bingham would continue to see you as his patient after cataract surgery recovery.
As diabetes becomes more common among Americans, so do its effects. One of those effects is diabetic retinopathy, or blood vessel damage caused by high blood sugar. See our page about diabetic eye exams for details.
“Eye Floaters” or Black Spots in Vision
Most floaters are age-related and happen when the vitreous humor (a kind of gel inside your eye) thins and becomes more liquid. This process happens unevenly, causing irregularities in your vision. They should be checked by an eye doctor in an exam, especially if they get worse quickly.
Pink eye and other common eye infections can permanently affect your vision if not treated properly. An optometrist is just the type of eye doctor who can help prevent that from happening.
Keratoconus occurs in individuals whose corneas become progressively thin. It can be treated initially with prescription glasses or, when more severe, rigid gas permeable contact lenses. However, in 2016 the FDA also approved corneal cross-linking as an effective surgical option to prevent keratoconus from progressing, and the results have been outstanding! Dr. Bingham has partnered with leading corneal specialists to ensure that all of his patients who have keratoconus receive exceptional care if this procedure becomes necessary.
Eye Care

Whether or not you’ve already been diagnosed with an eye condition, if you have any nearsightedness, farsightedness, or struggle to see clearly, comprehensive eye exams are the best tool in your toolbox to keep your eyes healthy. Clear Eye Total Eye Care is an optometry clinic in Boise ready to help.

You can schedule your eye exam online, and unlike many other optometrist’s offices, we offer same-day and walk-in eye appointments, and encourage you to call (208) 629-8326 or come visit us today. We’ll see you at Clear Eye Total Eye Care soon!
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