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Optometrists, like Dr. Blake Bingham at Clear Eye Total Eye Care, are doctors focused especially on primary eye care and chronic eye conditions. People often wonder about the difference between ophthalmologists and optometrists, so we explain that on our Pre- and Post-Operative Care page.

Optometrists are responsible for all non-surgical eye care services like:

Dr. Bingham is the optometrist at Clear Eye Total Eye Care. He has always wanted to be an optometrist and loves helping his patients keep their eyes healthy. There are three major categories of care that Clear Eye Total Eye Care offers.

No need to schedule your eye exams months in advance!

You DON'T even NEED vision INSURANCE for AFFORDABLE care.
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IN-HOUSE PLANS to REDUCE COSTS for exams and glasses.

ROUTINE & Comprehensive Eye Exams

ROUTINE Eye Care & Comprehensive Eye Exams in Eagle Idaho
ROUTINE Eye Care & Comprehensive Eye Exams in Eagle Idaho

Whether it’s time to revisit your glasses or contact lens  prescription, or address new symptoms like dry eyes, or you’ve received a health diagnosis that may also affect your eyes--such as diabetes eye care --our primary eye care services are here for you.


DIAGNOSING and Treating Chronic Eye Conditions

Diagnosing and Treating Glaucoma in Nampa Idaho
Diagnosing and Treating Glaucoma in Nampa Idaho

If you have glaucoma, diabetes or diabetic retinopathy, or you notice changes like cloudiness in your eyes, please come see us. There are many eye treatments we can offer, and the solutions are potentially simpler, by addressing vision problems quickly.


BUYING New Prescription Glasses and Contacts

Family buying new glasses in Boise
Family buying new glasses in Boise

Once you’ve had a thorough eye exam with Dr. Bingham, our optician can help you pick out new prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses to match your style and your budget. They’ll look great and help you see clearly.


An Eye Doctor Concerned with Your EYE HEALTH 

Clear Eye Total Eye Care is serving the Boise area to bring you the best eye care and vision services. If you’ve been squinting through your blurred vision or putting up with old prescription glasses for too long, we offer same-day appointments, you can call (208) 629-8326, or you can request an appointment online.
We look forward to your visit so we can help you start seeing more clearly.
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"5-Star Experience! Dr. Bingham is the best around, and truly cares about his patients!"
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